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I’m doing a little blogging for the gals over at Some recent posts have been about the pleasure/pain principle of Bordello Teeze shoes, a how-to on perfecting the beehive do and my most recent post, on achieving a perfect hourglass shape. It’s not just because I’m involved but it’s become one of the first sites I check on a daily basis for witty commentary, keeping up with the cultural buzz, ideas for fashion fixes and beauty brainwaves plus an all-round great little slice of what’s going on in Dublin today. So in the words of the mighty Beyonce Knowles, go check on it.


The beginnings of a bad night:

Oh Kanye...

Oh Kanye...

It’s like a bad joke your uncle keeps telling. Kanye, put the award down and get off the stage…


After his performance at Wireless, Hyde Park, London this summer I thought he’d lost it a bit, not in the mental capacity sense but in the lost ‘it’, the thing that made him leap out yards ahead of everyone else in the game. Frankly, QTip shot him to shit with a very mediocre performance – primarily due to extreme audience under-participation. But I digress. There’s that old adage – stick to what you know best, but it appears the audience of the VMAs grow tired up a very predictable performance, and rabbit in headlines Taylor Swift may have been the wrong ‘victim’. At least Justice were French. You don’t verbally smack down America’s sweetheart in front of the nation. Unless of course Jay-Z backhand you a fiver to make Beyonce appear more gracious accepting video of the year. Anway, read more here. And dude, pass the Courvoisier next time; listen to Diddy and Busta and most of all, Mr T.