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Gabriel Byrne has been named Ireland’s first cultural ambassador by Taoiseach Brian Cowen. Wasn’t this the man that almost took Santa Claus out on The Late Late Show (Irish television programme that’s basically penetrated the whole Irish consciousness for those of you who aren’t familiar – English peeps think Parky but culturally endemic), and has the wrath of parents upon him across the country?

Apologies for my absence, I’ve been travelling a bit and this blog has not been at the forefront of my concerns. I’ve taken some time out in Ireland, heading north to Norway and managed to find myself up a glacier in the Tirol area of Austria in Lermoos. You could say I’ve been getting around.

Anyway, I’ll touch base with a little account of each – the malaise in the midst of recession era Dublin, the odd air in Norway and the comfort of Austrian cuisine, amongst other thoughts. And parting is a sweet sorrow because I’m ready to get back on the blog again.