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I admit I’ve had a wee bit of rage toward Miss E Jackson post-Quietus interview, intimating, well actually pretty much baldy stating that women who dress a certain way ie cleave-tastic and with ‘fanny pelmets’ (my sister’s own term I believe), not only ask for trouble, but get what they deserve. Could you get a more right wing statement if you tried? Well thanks for singlehandedly fucking up women’s lib there El. Sound. But, admittedly, I read this wrong and hated James Morrisson after it, now I realise that it was La Roux’s statement, not his. She’s young, she’s talented, but she’s a twit. She’ll get there. And, like all of us, cringe slightly (we live in hope) over the words she uttered/committed to print in her early 20s. But it’s a nice little read about artist’s unlikely pop gems see Neil Hannon and All Saints for starters.