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Tag Archives: uk election 2010

So it’s to be May 6th, where two, umm, titans go head to head and try and convince the public they are the man to trust. I’m trying to get registered and hopefully will do so in time, but still find it amazing to fathom that the run up is only a month away – in Ireland it always seems like so much longer; politicians knocking on the door every night, flyering at train stations, bus stations and shopping centres and sanctimonious looking posters tossed on every available vertical pole available. It’s not like this here. Well yet anyway.

Here’s an interesting thought for your day from Alastair Campbell, former downing street press secretary on Tony Blair. Well I think we and all the nice people in Iraq know who he is.

“We might spot a single car on a country road and he’d say: ‘That driver has our future in his hands.’ It is the wonder of democracy, but it’s not an easy existence for the leaders and their teams. “