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There’s been talk on Twitter and blogs this morning, just random conversations about being more right wing as you grow up, being disaffected in life and then all the celebrity tweetings about relationship break ups and general disappointments we’re dealt.

Then I came across this sentance from Lyn Gardner :

“I’m a different person from the person I was last week. I’m a very different person from the teenage theatregoer who found Peter Shaffer’s Equus the most thrilling of plays, and who could never understand why Chekhov’s Three Sisters didn’t just get on a train to Moscow. There are some playwrights – Chekhov and Beckett among them – who I think you can only truly appreciate once you’ve experienced the compromises and disappointments of adult life.”

It’s the last sentence that appeals to me most – “experienced the compromises and disappointments of adult life”. I think we imagine these to be the scourge or the burden of the mortals we encounter, the maligned bank tellers, pissed off mothers, disillusioned shop workers. To see it actually in print, well it softened the blow of adult life a little.