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The second part of this article is the only piece worth concentrating on, on the super human and Amazonian attributes (?) blondes seem to have. It’s funny, enough, but the last two lines are marvellous.

“Why don’t I dye my hair blonde? (The study suggests that dyed blondes inherit the war-like trait.) Because you know what you get when a woman with very dark hair dyes her hair blonde. Myra Hindley.”

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Does the artist define the art? Greater philosophers and music store clerks have mused over this statement long before I was in 3/4 length pants (for many years, I didn’t actually a pair of full length pants, that’s another post, for another day) but I think the question, for me, is rearing its head again. When there was some mumblings about Motorhead and Nazism (which ain’t really true, Mr Kilmeister just likes WWII memorabilia) and Slayer and the same questions (and the same answer applies, they are collectors rather than believers in the ideologies), I was initially concerned but after enough investigation, my conscience was appeased and general apathy set in. Now, however, there’s the question of Chris Brown. He battered Rihanna. No doubts. And his new song is fantastic. And therein lies my rub. He’s clearly using some element of his newly found rep as a bad boy, swaggers on up in the video and proceeds to play off Lil Wayne’s rather aggressively masculine rap about how he can transform a woman, make her into something better by talking off her pants. Putting the feminist issue aside – women as objects and as items to own – it creates a whole other question, should we or I be taking Chris Brown back into my record buying arms? Or should his extremely violent attack on girlfriend of the time Rihanna enough to relegate him from the charts and the consciousness of the record buying community? Another to bear in mind in all of this, is the horrifying statistic from last March, where almost half of all Boston public students said Rihanna was to blame for the attack, and was out to ruin Brown’s career. We really haven’t come very far at all.

Anyway, I know enough to separate the artist from the music. I’m enough of a feminist, egalitarian and intellectual to enjoy gangster rap and quality hip hop and not be mortally offended by the very anti-women sentiment. That’s my version of feminism. Having said that, I don’t like what he did. I don’t admire him personally, but I can appreciate his art.

Make your minds up for yourselves:

This – – is surely worth a look. From Hurricane Katrina, 7/7, Cambodian prostitution, Sarajevo war stories…these photographs tell you more truth than a Wikipedia entry ever could.

Here’s a few of my favourites, they’re all in the Guardian and Observer this weekend.

The beginnings of a bad night:

Oh Kanye...

Oh Kanye...

It’s like a bad joke your uncle keeps telling. Kanye, put the award down and get off the stage…


After his performance at Wireless, Hyde Park, London this summer I thought he’d lost it a bit, not in the mental capacity sense but in the lost ‘it’, the thing that made him leap out yards ahead of everyone else in the game. Frankly, QTip shot him to shit with a very mediocre performance – primarily due to extreme audience under-participation. But I digress. There’s that old adage – stick to what you know best, but it appears the audience of the VMAs grow tired up a very predictable performance, and rabbit in headlines Taylor Swift may have been the wrong ‘victim’. At least Justice were French. You don’t verbally smack down America’s sweetheart in front of the nation. Unless of course Jay-Z backhand you a fiver to make Beyonce appear more gracious accepting video of the year. Anway, read more here. And dude, pass the Courvoisier next time; listen to Diddy and Busta and most of all, Mr T.

Oh my my Microsoft, what were you thinking? As reported in the Guardian today, some ‘differences’ were spotted between this image:


And this:


Namely the they photoshopped a white man’s head over a black man’s in a Polish advertisement. Empower the people indeed…


Oh dear. CNN’s gone and stereotyped, rather accurately, Facebook users. Pretty funny.

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