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“Do you think maths teachers in secondary schools should be required to have a qualification in the subject?” – the poll in today’s Irish Times

I know economics isn’t straightforward and isn’t exactly maths but given Ireland is (in) a dire financial state, thanks almost directly to excessive lending, citizens living well beyond their means and not understanding their own finances, and combined with mammoth cock ups by the heads of bank and poor general understanding of economics and finance, and given maths is the basis of this, well, yeh, I think that would be a very good idea.

However, there is a little good news or at least some respite for those still working their way back into the black, as the Oireachtas Committee on Social and Family Affair has called for the moratorium on house repossessions to be extended by a further 12 months. The initial moratorium was ordered by the Financial Regulator, and for another 12 months, all lenders must wait at least a year from the point at which arrears first arise before applyting to the court for a repossession order.

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