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If, like I, you’ve been waiting for something from Gil Scott Heron, than 16 years is a long time to wait.I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been bating my breath since I was 12 because I really wasn’t that cool or informed, but this for me since The Revolution Will Not Be Televised became essential listening at 18, I’m New Here has been a long time coming, and the link to listen is right here.

I can throw up something like ‘it’s worth the wait’, but three songs in and he’s got me. At various moments it’s tender, slick, devilish and desolate and in being in work is the worst time to listen to something like this. No bones about, I’ll be buying this album and I think you should do.

Some advice from the man himself:

There is a proper procedure for taking advantage of any investment.

Music, for example. Buying a CD is an investment.
To get the maximum you must


Not in your car or on a portable player through a headset.
Take it home.
Get rid of all distractions, (even him or her).
Turn off your cell phone.
Turn off everything that rings or beeps or rattles or whistles.
Make yourself comfortable.
Play your CD.
LISTEN all the way through.
Think about what you got.
Think about who would appreciate this investment.
Decide if there is someone to share this with.
Turn it on again.
Enjoy Yourself.

Gil Scott-Heron

EVERYTHING is poetry with him.

I’m New Here is now available for mass consumption. Do it. Now.

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