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I was in the queue at M&S yesterday and my jaw dropped, plummeted and recoiled at the sight of the Daily Express yesterday (at least I’m sure it was the Express, please do correct me if I’m wrong) – Now Muslims Demand  Full Sharia Law.

The story is about a (small) Muslim group Islam4UK seeking to impose Sharia Law on Britain, and who are proposing to hold a rally on October 31st to kick off their (let’s face it) unlikely to succeed campaign. Story aside, and the link is provided above even though it enrages me to think that you’ll click through and encourage this kind of BS and advertising revenue they’ll get from viewing that page, I’m all about the free speech and right to expressionism but this is outrageous. The headline is, at its most base, racist, divisive, inaccurate and offensive, and designed to play on the fears of those feeling marginalised, not report accurate information. Even the headline alone – Now Muslims Demand Full Sharia Law – they’re demanding full Sharia Law – whatever next? The implications of that headline are enormous and desperately deconstructive.

They have not done their job, they have even managed to do a disservice to tabloid journalism which I had thought almost impossible given where it’s been heading toward, abysmal sensationalist journalism, verging on non-sensical wordage. Playing on the fears of the centre and to the right, those people in the UK who fear simply what they don’t fully understand, is a shocking, underhanded and deceitful way to sell newspapers. In this country where the bloody BNP has gained seats and are sitting next to credible politicians who are seeking to serve the needs of the people of the UK as a whole, not racist, divisive, offensive everything the BNP and its bedfellow the Daily Express are. Crusading for a fairer Britain? Indeed.

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