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The Guardian are currently running a poll, voted by readers, for the best TV show of 2000-09. You can vote and be shocked/dismayed/horrified or delighted at the results here:

But whatever you do, don’t look down if you don’t want the results.

I did warn you.

Well I was bloody shocked anyway. Top Gear? Top-bleeding-Gear over The Wire? The West Wing? THE SOPRANOS? How short people’s memories are! A shiny new thing, albeit a Maserati, comes along coupled with some explosions, tanks, helicopters and some girls in bikinis, and all of a sudden some of the most seminal pieces of televisual genius cease to become a speck in the myopic public radar? A stark look at life in Baltimore with complex characters, chiefly made of misanthropes who are walking contradictions? Escapism in a Bush era to a Nobel Laureate president we all secretly want to be our Grandad and to have one conversation in our lives with people as clever as that? Or a companionable walk through like with a Mafia Don who is sociopathy at its most base?


But no, vroom vroom shiny wins out. I’m not doubting the prowess and attractiveness of Top Gear but in light of other heavyweight contenders, I’m not even sure it should share space on the same page.

Once again, the general public – even if they are Guardian readers – should never be trusted. Bah humbug.

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